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At Dream Captain, our one-of-a-kind method improves sales performance among teams by featuring key principles of brilliant thought leaders. We guarantee it daily with micro-learning.

Investing in sales performance training delivers significant returns. It unlocks a sales force's full potential. Yet, there are many challenges, which is why most reps are not trained enough.

First, traditional sales training has downsides - it's costly, content recall is low, and habits are tough to reshape. Plus "when you're training, you're not selling." These limit a rep’s performance lift.

Next, unlocking a rep’s full potential is limited by coaches or trainers with one exclusive approach. There’s no one silver bullet method to maximize everyone’s performance.

Finally, internal training programs tend to overburden managers. Most have many responsibilities already, with limited time and advanced training expertise.

So how do we increase your reps’ selling IQ?

Rather than pulling reps from the field, let’s equip them to get wiser where they are, through mobile micro-learning. Help them become trusted advisors prospects refer.

The future of effective coaching is mobile, bite-sized, and on-demand. Daily development is the path to mastering consultative approaches proven to drive results. It’s getting smarter between appointments or even waiting in lobby areas.

Imagine your reps starting each day with a quick thought leader training message:

1. Pre-approved by management. 2. Sent directly to their mobile phones. 3. Unlimited smart insights they can absorb in under a minute. 4. Knowledge unlocked instantly, then immediately applied in real-world scenarios.

Picture reps growing exponentially, week by week. Better decision-making through bite-sized daily learning. Now confidence is soaring.

They are mastering consultative selling techniques, objection-handling frameworks, and customer success tactics. Now, reps are exceeding even their own expectations.

Today, it can begin with You, You're the Captain - together we are full steam ahead!

What We Do

Teach best practices.

How We Do It

Daily micro-learning.


Thought Leadership



Three Reasons Why Us!

Your Company Saves. Instructor-led training to 1:1 coaching can range from $500 to $3,000 per person. We're far less. 

Your Team Gets Wiser. Our thought leadership tool increases your rep's selling IQ in just one minute per day, no matter their skill level. We guarantee it. 

Unlimited Knowledge. Overcome the limitations of buying into one training methodology. Your team will learn from a variety of relevant thought leaders. 

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Our purpose is to Captain collaborations in thought leadership that elevate the selling and marketing IQ of leaders, teams, and organizations. Greater sales performances can help us achieve more, earn more and ultimately give back more. That's our why.

My background includes managing sales distributorships with over 132 account reps, and sales managers. It helped me experience that training should not be limited to a two-week course. Training should be daily, simple, and unlimited in learning best practices.

With more than 34 years of award-winning corporate experience, the journey taught me a lot. I've served as a director, co-founder, CMO, sales trainer, channel sales manager, brand manager, account manager, new business development specialist, and sales rep.

Various sales and marketing roles have been a labor of love. Those include launches for new products and packaged goods, sales for medical practices, eCommerce, plus digital advertising, SEM, gaming, broadcast media sales, and B2B sales.

I welcome you to contact us by work phone at 404.736.3014 or me by text at 404.454.8555. You can also send an email to

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