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Do you or your organization have an unfulfilled business, financial or personal goal? We believe thought leadership and collective intelligence leads to greater success.

You’re here now. It’s also likely you’ve helped make a difference in many lives. Thank you for inspiring stories of personal and professional growth. You are a Dream Captain!

Our purpose is to help you inspire more people and organizations to reach their goals. Our mission is to deliver time-saving genius tips from incredible thought leaders. Our point-of-difference combines genius tips, fun challenges and goal achievement rewards to inspire engagement for more success. Please join us!

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We captain collaboration.

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Together, we achieve more.


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Thought Leaders

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Save money. Collaboration extends resources and lowers expenses in a growing competitive content landscape.

Partner rewards. Add some surprise and delight among seasoned staff with fun challenges, contests and giveaways.

Get smarter. Our award-winning team delivers thought leadership tips that are mobile friendly and saves time for growth.

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After the presentation is complete or training has ended and the audience won, what sticks weeks or months later? Grow engagement, retention, attendee results and revenue with a genius tip/reminder mobile content series. Request an invitation to learn more.

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