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Over the years, it's likely you've helped others grow personally or professional. This is very honorable. Thank you! You are our Dream Captain.

In your honor and in the spirit of collaboration needed to help others grow, we believe more marketing and sales partnerships can help lead to faster revenue growth.

Partnerships can overcome villains of new privacy policies, phased out third-party cookies, diminishing ROAS, AMAZON, and growing competition. We can help!

Our point of difference is serving as a Captain to sales and marketing partnerships, through a private group. Collaborators share values and joining is by invitation only.

Our secret sauce helps solve customer or fanbase pitch fatigue. We leverage the seasons of business, email/website/social partnerships, and video.

Our one-of-a-kind methods can complement your existing strategies. Finally, thought leadership in product development, sales and marketing, contributes to our growth!

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Lawrence Small III, MBA


What We Do

We Captain collaboration.

Why We Do It

Together we achieve more.


Thought Leadership


Retail Sales
Service Providers

Three Reasons Why

Save money. Collaborations extend resources and lower expenses in a growing competitive landscape.

New buyers. Overcome pitch fatigue to your customers or fanbase by reaching new relevant audiences through partnerships. 

Get smarter. Our award-winning team delivers thought leadership tips that enable greater product, sales and marketing performance.

Top Brands We’ve Worked With

Thank You!

On behalf of Dream Captain, thank you for visiting. Our purpose is to Captain collaboration through a private group of like minded leaders, influencers, business owners, thought leaders and organizations. More collaborations can help you or your organization achieve more, sell more and ultimately with more, help more! That's our why.

Regarding my background, I've served startups as a founder, co-founder, CMO and new business development specialist with companies including Groupon. Corporate experience includes 27 years in door knock sales, new business development, account management, sales management, channel sales management, product development, new product launches, packaged goods, partnership marketing, eCommerce, digital advertising, television, and video production. Respected brands served include Jack Daniels, Turner Broadcasting System (CNN), Groupon, Interactive Corporation, Ernest & Julio Gallo, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, The Steve Harvey Show and more...

I welcome you to contact me by phone or text at 404.454.8555. You can send an email to Let's talk soon!

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